Hanging Sneeze Guard

Hanging Sneeze Guard are transparent acrylic sheets with rounded corners that can hang from ceiling down. This product is great for places with limited counter spaces. Panels are available in blanks or can be customized with important messages or your logos printed on surface. Custom sizes and configurations are also available to meet your needs.

Please call 310-677-2393 for more info. 


Available Thickness:

1/8" or 3/16"

Standard Sizes:

18"x24" | 24"x24" | 24"x36" | 24"x48" | 30"x36" 32"x48" | 36"x48" | 48"x48" | 48"x72" | 48"x96"

Custom sizes and configuration available!

Please call (310) 677-2393 or email us Nick@lazerimageinc.com for pricing.

HangingSneezeGuard_logo copy.jpg


Print your logo or any important messages anywhere in the panel of your choice. Your logo or messages will be directly printed in opaque (solid color) or in transparent (able to see through the printing).

Please call or email for more details!