Desktop Shield Deluxe

Desktop Shield Deluxe are great quick set up low cost solution for close customer interaction. Made of lightweight acrylic sheet and does not require any special tools to set up and take down. Simply slide in provided acrylic side panels into the notched openings of the panel and you are ready to go!

Desktop Shield Deluxe_no text.jpg

Available Thickness:

1/8" | 3/16" | 3/8"

Standard Sizes:


23.5"x35.5" (vertical configuration)

35.9"x23.5" (horizontal configuration)


Custom sizes and configuration available!

Please call (310) 677-2393 or email us for pricing.

Desktop Shield Deluxe.jpg


Print your logo or any important messages anywhere in the panel of your choice. Your logo or messages will be directly printed in opaque (solid color) or in transparent (able to see through the printing).

Please call or email for more details!